Parent Helpers

Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to have a hands-on role from when their child starts at Acorns which can greatly assist with settling into Acorns, meeting other families and getting the most they can out of their preschool experience.

There are a number of ways that parents can get involved from assisting with fundraising events, being a Parent Helper and even joining the management committee.

We encourage parents to participate in Preschool life as much as possible and being a Parent Helper is a great way to get to know Acorns a bit better. All parents are given the opportunity to be a Parent Helper and will be offered a slot during each term when their child is in Acorns so they can come along, stay for the morning session and help out. Duties include preparing the snack, clearing up, and generally assisting the staff with playing or doing a craft activity. This is an ideal opportunity for you to witness your child’s development and get to know the staff and other mums.

Parental help through the parent rota system keeps the fees low and our adult/child ratio within legal limits set down by Ofsted.  The parent rota is worked out on a pro-rata basis depending on how many sessions your child does at Acorns.

Please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff or the parent Committee if you want more information.