Fees for Acorns Preschool are currently £4.25 per hour. There is also a charge to pay to cover the daily snack which your child will have if they attend a morning session. This is £0.50 per morning session.

Fees are payable every term in advance and are non-refundable for illness or absence.  An invoice for the fees for the term is issued to parents in the first week of the term. We ask that payment be made as soon as possible, within two weeks.

We accept free entitlement vouchers and we will let you know when your child is eligible for these

Free entitlement Vouchers

Acorns accepts children from their second birthday and fees are charged for every child until they are entitled to receive their vouchers. All children are eligible for free entitlement vouchers from the term following their third birthday (please see table below) which entitles them to 15 hours of free entitlement per week. If at any time you are unsure when your eligibility begins please speak to the Preschool Manager.

If the Third Birthday Date falls between Vouchers Start in the term starting after
1 January-31 March 1 April
1 April-31 August 1 September
1 September-31 December 1 January
  • The Free Entitlement Vouchers cover 38 weeks of the academic year (this now covers majority of the school year).
  • The government has stipulated that the 15 hours has to be taken over a minimum of 3 days and 12.5 hours over a maximum of 2 days.
  • You are entitled to spend your hours at any setting of your choice. If your child attends more than one provider, both providers will now offer the 15 hours between them.
  • Parents can exceed the free entitlement and will be charged the hourly rate which is £4.25.
  • You will be approached at the beginning of each term that you are eligible and asked how many hours you wish to spend with us (please see Section 2 for our opening times) and how many with another provider.
  • Parents need to be aware that any changes to their child’s hours can only be made during the months of September, January and April, this being when any funding adjustments from the Government takes place.

We also accept childcare vouchers from Busy Bees and Care 4. If you are eligible for childcare vouchers through your place of work please talk to the Manager and they will ensure we are registered with the company in question.