Typical Day

Such is the way with young children, no two days are the same but we try to follow a pattern as described below. For more detailed information on all the fun at Acorns, please see our Facebook page which has daily updates for parents by the staff of all the activities which took place, and click here for our diaries of the Woodpecker Outdoor Adventures on a Tuesday. If you don’t have access to Facebook, you can still see our posts to Facebook on all pages of this website – just look to the left hand side menu bar and down a bit!

Morning Session

  • 9.00 -9.15am Children arrive and are signed in by parent/carer. Children are encouraged to find their own name and hang up their coat.
  • 9.15am Registration. After the names are called from the register, children then volunteer to count each other to check how many children are in for that session. Any guests for the day are introduced followed by discussion on the day, month and weather. Any show and share items are looked at and there is then a quick run through the morning activities.
  • Child-led activity. The children choose what to play with from a selection of activities. This includes construction toys, imagination toys such as the dressing up, cars, trains, games,books, exploration tray (sand, wood shavings, gloop etc), the ICT station and a craft table. There may also be a cooking or musical instrument session and on a Monday the children can help make a new batch of playdough. Toys and activities are swapped around on different days to provide a good variety of learning opportunity and to ensure that children who only attend certain days, get a chance to experience all the activities. Staff may take the opportunity to work with small groups of children each, doing set learning activities such as counting, shapes, sounds etc. During this time, keyworkers get the chance to talk to a child about their ‘Special Interest’ booklet if they have filled something out and brought it in to show. Any morning could be taken up with a trip out to any of our special community walks to the beautiful gardens of The Old Rectory, or The Manor.
  • Tidy up time followed by a story. Children are then encouraged to independently wash their hands (supervised by staff), ready for snack time.
  • Snack time. Children choose where to sit at the table to enjoy a healthy snack. There are several options for children to choose from. There is milk or water to drink.
  • Outside play. As well as the climbing frame and slide we have a sandpit area, play houses, bikes, step-walkers, balls, outside blackboards, cement mixer, variety of gardening tools, prams and dolls etc.
  • Tidy up time. Children return their toys to the shed area for staff to put away.
  • Song time. Songs/nursery rhymes are sung. A lucky dip song bag is sometimes used to add variety to the songs chosen by the children. They choose whether to sing individually or can select friends to sing with them.
  • 11:45 am End of morning session. Those going home are collected. Children staying for lunch, wash their hands and have packed lunch.